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Developed a SAAS Mobile App for learning english language.


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The Client

At ALSOWISE® is a step-by-step learning app that can improve language, reading and communication skills. ALSOWISE® believes that a strong foundation in English is a prerequisite for success, first as a student and later as a professional. Language proficiency and reading abilities not only boost communication skills but also improve performance in other subjects accessed in the English medium, while enhancing knowledge capture and creative problem-solving abilities.

Service Offerings

The challenge was to prepare a full product scope based on our experience and expertise and to provide them with new ideas as well on how to make this app platform an engaging one to enhance ones’ knowledge of the English language.

Business Requirement

Initially the ALSOWISE® team approached us with the idea of creating a platform for learning English Language. They wanted to focus on Grammar and sentence construction abilities, increase the knowledge of vocabulary and idiom, uplift the skill and speed of reading and overall improvement in spoken and written communication. It was primarily targeted for individual school kids and college students.

Based on age they designed 3 courses and developed their content and provided us with the same.

Student users were to be provided with a dynamic Diagnostic Quiz. Based on the outcome of the result, the system was to decide which course to offer to the student for the maximum benefit of the student. The evaluation was to be done in a very intuitive and holistic approach.

On successful evaluation, the student will need to purchase the course by paying a lumpsum amount and get ready to avail the course. The duration of the courses were between 15 weeks and 25 weeks.

Each courses had multiple topics and each topic was formed with a combination of a lesson and an assessment quiz. ReadAlongs, a new concept was introduced which are age-appropriate excerpts of fiction and non-fiction, as well as original essays created by the ALSOWISE® team. The user will be encouraged to read with the narrator and listen to the voice-over track to absorb the nuances of pronunciation and enunciation.

They planned to do the first targeted deployment for cross-platform mobile devices. Decisions of choice between native apps, hybrid app and PWA were left open.

Our Solution

Schemaphic® started off on this mission holding several meetings with the product owners and different would-be stakeholder of the product. Our product strategists started with detailed research acquiring a high-level vision and determining how to differentiate from the competition.

Our multidisciplinary teams from product, design & technical backgrounds worked together to put the product plan in place so as to align with the client’s business requirements and vision. We came up with recommendations which got approved as well. Finally the roadmap was created and information on timeline and budgets were exchanged.

Team was formed and tech stack was decided to make the product vision to live. We combined Agile & DevOps to overcome the challenges and shortcomings of each other for faster delivery of sprints, higher customer satisfaction resulting in higher revenue and profit growth.

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