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Developing a cloud based multi-device e-learning portal.


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The Client

Crestest is an e-learning platform offering thoughtfully curated online classes, academic content and tests to challenge and prepare students for academic and competitive success.

The principal objective of Crestest is both competitive and scholastic excellence for our students, achieved through the journey of self-aware, responsible and responsive learning. Crestest's mission is to sow the seeds of unfettered curiosity, fearless questioning and motivated learning in the students’ quest for excellence and success.

Service Offerings

The biggest challenge was to develop a simple, intuitive web application that fronts a complex system of engagement with the flexibility of subscription at maximum granular level. Representing the performance score card for the users was yet another challenging arena with respect to user experience.

Business Requirement

Crestest approached us with a project plan to develop an e-learning portal for all platforms. Crestest believes in the ability of each of students to make their dreams come true. Crestest sees to hone children into "complete students" empowered to reach their full potential, be recognized by their parents, peers, teachers and the world at large, and grow up to be contributors themselves.

Crestest wanted us to develop a modern Learning management System that allows for a mix of synchronous and asynchronous learning - learning in the presence of the teacher and learning from recorded material—and this frees up both from the bindings of schedules or of place.

Crestest wanted to deliver over 521 chapters of content, nearly 50000 questions, more than 4500 notes and near about 850 concept maps to be catered to users over this platform through a very easy to use and flexible pricing system.

They planned to do the first targeted deployment for browser based application across platforms, followed by cross platform mobile application. Decisions of tech stack choice were left open.

Our Solution

Schemaphic® started off on this mission holding several meetings with the product owners and brainstorming on the product plan. Our product strategists started with detailed research acquiring a high-level vision and determining how to differentiate from the competition.

After initial analysis of the product requirements, our tech teams worked together to define the tech stack for the product development. We participated actively coming up with recommendations some of which got approved while others were discussed and modified to align with the client’s business requirement and vision. The roadmap was created and information on timeline and budgets were exchanged.

Team was formed and the product development life-cycle started. We combined Agile & DevOps to overcome the challenges and shortcomings of each other for faster delivery of sprints, higher customer satisfaction resulting in higher revenue and profit growth.

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